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SES biologists have over 30 years of experience surveying for and assessing potential impacts to special-status wildlife species.
California red-legged frog survey

Our biologists are skilled in survey protocols and preparing reports required by various regulatory agencies. These include biological resources assessments, impact analyses, and mitigation strategies.  We also assist with securing the necessary permits for projects that have the potential to affect sensitive wildlife and/or habitat.  SES holds USFWS recovery permits for California tiger salamander and has several USFWS-approved California red-legged frog monitors.

Wildlife surveys and technical services include:


  • California tiger salamander upland and aquatic surveys
  • California red-legged frog surveys
  • Coast horned lizard and blunt-nosed leopard lizard surveys
  • Nesting bird surveys
  • Burrowing owl surveys
  • Snowy plover surveys
  • Marine mammal monitoring
  • Kangaroo rat surveys (multiple species)
  • San Joaquin kit fox surveys
  • Bat surveys (visual)
  • Fish passage and steelhead habitat assessments

  • Section 7 and Section 10 Biological Assessment and Consultation

Storrer Environmental Services

California red-legged frog

Rana draytonii

Measuring California tiger salamander larvae
Seine net sampling
Storrer Environmental Services
Dip net sampling

California tiger salamander

Ambystoma californiense

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