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Storrer Environmental Services

Snowy egret 

Egretta thula

Storrer Environmental Services
SES provides professional consulting services in biological resources, regulatory compliance, conservation planning, environmental review, and permitting.

Formed in 1993, SES is a small business that employs resource professionals in the fields of botany, zoology, archaeology, geology, and water quality.  We have completed projects for public agencies, non-profits, and private development interests.  SES has over 30 years of experience on the California Central Coast.


Our professional and technical services include the following:


  • Vegetation characterization and biological resources surveys

  • Rare and endangered plant and wildlife surveys and permitting, including California tiger salamander and California red-legged frog

  • Jurisdictional waters and wetland delineations

  • Aquatic resources permitting (wetlands, streams, riparian, marine resources)

  • Environmental compliance and construction monitoring

  • Habitat restoration and conservation planning

  • California Coastal Zone biological surveys and permitting

  • CEQA/NEPA analysis

  • GIS analyses and mapping


SES has an extensive background in environmental analysis, compliance monitoring, and mitigation design.  We are experienced in federal, state, and local stream, wetlands, and rare and endangered species regulations, and utilize survey protocols approved by resource agencies.  SES routinely conducts a wildlife, botanical, wetland, and riparian habitat evaluations.  We provide complete biological consulting services including comprehensive field reconnaissance, focused field surveys, planning, implementation, environmental compliance and biological monitoring, and technical report preparation for wetland and endangered species habitat restoration and mitigation projects.


San Luis mariposa lily

Calochortus obispoensis

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