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Storrer Environmental Services
Storrer Environmental Services
SES has extensive experience conducting waters and wetlands delineations and functional assessments.

Our biologists are trained in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) standard delineation methodology and we have the field experience and knowledge about wetland vegetation, hydric soils, and hydrology necessary to complete accurate jurisdictional delineations that meet the approval of federal, state, coastal commission, and local agency requirements.  We keep informed and current on the latest USACE regulatory guidance regarding isolated non-jurisdictional wetlands versus adjacent jurisdictional wetlands.  


SES has performed jurisdictional wetland delineations in a variety of habitats including freshwater marshes, seasonal wetlands, ponds, riparian woodlands, tidal salt and freshwater wetlands, vernal pools, mountain meadows, man-made wetlands, agriculture fields, and farmed wetlands.  
We utilize GPS technology and GIS mapping techniques to ensure that precise waters and wetland boundaries are delineated in the field and graphically depicted for regulatory agencies.




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