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SES specializes in permit compliance monitoring services for regulatory agencies.

Comprehensive biological construction monitoring services include pre-project planning, pre-construction surveys, development of educational materials and avoidance measures for sensitive resources, environmental training for construction personnel, biological monitoring and documentation, wildlife relocation, and post-construction reporting.



Relocating a southern pacific rattlesnake

SES has extensive experience coordinating and implementing environmental compliance monitoring programs for large-scale projects. Each compliance monitoring project requires a close working relationship with project managers, planners, project engineers, industry representatives, and construction personnel.  The ability to assist with resolution of construction/resource conflicts, interpret project conditions, and adapt specific mitigation measures to field conditions is essential to the success of each project.

Storrer Environmental Services

SES has managed the County of Santa Barbara Planning and Development Department’s Integrated Environmental Quality Assurance Program (EQAP) for Oil and Gas Projects for the past 20 years.  SES also manages and implements the Monitoring and Compliance Program (MCP) for residential and energy projects for the City of Goleta.  These programs require management of inter-disciplinary teams of resource specialists (e.g. archaeology, geology, biology, water quality) and inter-agency coordination at several levels.



Monitoring the Beach Hazards Removal Project in Goleta, CA
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