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SES is skilled at developing mitigation objectives and restoration designs that meet regulatory requirements and are compatible with existing resources and land uses.  
Habitat restoration and enhancement is often required as mitigation for reducing project impacts or replacing unavoidable losses due to project implementation.  We provide all-inclusive restoration services including preparation of restoration plans for agency approval, coordination with landscape contractors and oversight during planting and maintenance activities, long-term monitoring of restoration success, and annual reporting during the monitoring period.  SES biologists have prepared and implemented restoration plans for a variety of habitat types, including wetlands (seasonal freshwater wetlands and vernal pools), riparian habitats, and upland habitats (native grasslands, coastal scrub, coastal dune, and oak woodlands). SES biologists recently coordinated restoration efforts with the remediation of a portion of the El Estero Drainage in Santa Barbara, CA. Year-one restoration success is pictured in the top right photograph.



SES has authored both regional and local multidisciplinary resource management plans.  These have included Conceptual Area Protection Plans to establish conservation priorities, Habitat Conservation Plans focused on protection of listed species, and management plans for specific conservation easements.


Before and After Remediation and Restora
Storrer Environmental Services
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